The “Apple helps free software” myth

→ Comment to “apple supports a number of opensource projects. Webkit and CUPS come to mind”.

Apple supports a number of copyleft projects, because they have to.

Shackle-Feats: The poisoned Apple

Making an ability mandatory which forces you to wear shackles takes your Freedom away

Making an ability mandatory which forces you to wear shackles takes your Freedom away

This is an email I sent as listener comment to Free as in Freedom.

Hi Bradley, Hi Karen,

I am currently listening to your Steve Jobs show (yes, late, but time is scarce these days).

And I side with Karen (though I use KDE):

Steve Jobs managed to make a user interface which feels very natural. And that is no problem in itself. Apple solved a problem: User interfaces are hard to use for people who don’t have computer experience and who don’t have time to learn using computers right.

But they then used that solution to lure people into traps they set up to get our money and our freedom.

Defective by Design is doing something important - actions like theirs got me to GNU/Linux

-> A reply to bashing against Defective By Design.

I was a rabid MacUser 5 years ago.

Then I learned about DRM, TPM and privacy. And I left Apple because they put in TPM chips into developer machines.

Today I'm a happy GNU/Linux user and I contribute from time to time to Gentoo, KDE and Mercurial.

(my way from Apple to GNU/Linux:
- (Broken Apple Heart in German)
- (in english) )

Broken Apple Heart - Why I'm a Mac user no more

Beware of that Fruit (Broken Apple Heart) ( )

(What do you think, why Macs no longer Smile?)

Chorus: I was an Apple User and loyal to the core,
But one grey day I realized what made my heartache soar,
They want to make the big bucks now and want no one to see,
That ever more surveillance takes the Users rights as fee.

Steve Jobs, Get Your Head out Of the Sand! - Broken Apple Heart

Dear Steve,

Do you understand that imposing Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) is unethical? That attempting to control our computers and electronic devices to monitor what we do with digital files is wrong and a danger to society?

The problem for DRM proponents is that DRM doesn't work as advertised - and you are helping perpetuate a lie. We know you know this, you've said as much about music and DRM yourself. So why do you persist in touting DRM for video?

Schimmelnder Apfel, mein Bruch mit Apple

Die Geschichte meines Abfalls vom Glauben an Apple, anders gesagt:
Warum ich nicht mehr für Apple-Produkte werbe.

  - schimmel.mp3 -

Ich bin MacUsers, seit ich denken kann, besser gesagt: Ich war es.
Aber jetzt, wo sie die Rechte ihrer Benutzer treten und immer tiefer in den DRM-Sumpf und die Beschränkung der Freiheit der Nutzer sinken, kann ich es nicht mehr mit mir selbst vereinbaren, MacOSX als einziges System zu nutzen.

Meine Freiheit ist mir mehr wert, als die einfachere Nutzbarkeit von MacOSX, deswegen rufe ich alle Leser dieser Seite auf:

Switch to the penguin!
Switch zu den Pinguinen!

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