Wrapup: Make Sone scale - fast, anonymous, decentral microblogging over freenet

Sone1 allows fast, identi.ca-style microblogging in Freenet. This is my wrapup on a discussion on the steps to take until Sone can become an integral part of Freenet.

Current state

  • Is close to realtime.

  • Downloads all IDs and all their posts and replies → polling which won’t scale; short term local breakage.

  • Uploads all posts on every update → Can displace lots of content. Effective Size: X*M, X = revisions which did not drop out, M = total number of your messages. Long term self-DDoS of freenet.


  • Is close to realtime for those you follow and your usual discussion group.

  • Uploads only recent posts directly and bundles older posts → much reduced storage need: Effective size: B * Z + Y*M; B = posts per bundle, Z = number of bundles which did not drop out, Y = numbers of not yet bundled messages; Z << Y, B << X, Y << X.

  • Downloads only the ones you follow + ones you get told about. Telling others means that you need to include info about people you follow, because you only get information from them.

Telling others about replies, options

  • Include all replies to anyone which I see in my own Sone → size rises massively, since you include all replies of all people you follow in your own Sone.

  • Include all IDs from which you saw replies along with the people they replied to → needs to poll more IDs. Optionally forward that info for several hops → for efficient routing it needs knowledge about the full follower topology, which is a privacy risk.

  • Discovering replies from people you don’t know yet: Add a WoT info: replies. Updated only when you reply to someone you did not reply to before. Poll people’s reply lists based on their WoT rating. Keep a list of people who answered one of your posts and poll these more often. Maybe poll people instantly who solve one of your captchas (your general captcha queue) → new users can enter quickly. When you solve captchas in WoT, preferably solve those from people you follow.
    → four ways to discover a reply:

    1. poll those you follow,
    2. poll the people who posted the latest replies to you (your usual discussion-group),
    3. poll those who solve one of your captchas (get new people in as fast as possible) and
    4. poll the replies-info from everyone with the polling frequency based on their WoT rating.

  1. You can find Sone in Freenet using the key USK@nwa8lHa271k2QvJ8aa0Ov7IHAV-DFOCFgmDt3X6BpCI,DuQSUZiI~agF8c-6tjsFFGuZ8eICrzWCILB60nT8KKo,AQACAAE/sone/38/ 

Use Node:

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If the box below shows an error-page, you need to install Freenet with the Sone-Plugin or set the node-path to your freenet node and click the Reload Comments button (or return).

If you see something like Invalid key: java.net.MalformedURLException: There is no @ in that URI! (Sone/search.html), you need to setup Sone and the Web of Trust

If you had Javascript enabled, you would see comments for this page instead of the Sone page of the sites author.

Note: To make a comment which isn’t a reply visible to others here, include a link to this site somewhere in the text of your comment. It will then show up here. To ensure that I get notified of your comment, also include my Sone-ID.

Link to this site and my Sone ID: sone://6~ZDYdvAgMoUfG6M5Kwi7SQqyS-gTcyFeaNN1Pf3FvY

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