The scientific method in a dent/tweet (140 characters)

science in a dent:

(1) Form a theory. (2) design an experiment to test the theory. (3) do it. (4) Adjust the theory, if needed → (2)

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If that’s to brief:

the scientific method, explained very basically and simply.


That’s not faith. It’s theory. The difference is that there’s a clearly defined way to adjust the theory, when it’s wrong.

German version: Die Wissenschaftliche Methode in 130 Zeichen

Naturally this is still vastly oversimplified, but that’s the price you pay by trying to explain a complex system in 140 characters. What’s to remember: theory and experiment go side by side and fertilize each other. New theories allow finding new experiments which answer questions in the theories and allow finding new theories (or changes to old theories – or tell us which direction of fleshing out theories will likely be useful).

PS: If you have other dents or tweets about science, please feel free to add and link them in a comment.
Just like this text they need to be licensed under free licenses.

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