Dragon Cycle 5: Death and waking

Fire sweeping over the land,
destruction and death,
the dragons are free.
Hate and fury in the village,
wings bring storm
and burning hail.
The fire burns the woman,
burns the man,
the dragon nears the child.
Eyes of fury meet the fear,
nostrils taste
the anguish of the child.
Fire builds deep in the guts,
leaps from teeth,
and stops down dead.
A cry meets dragons fury
"Leave my sister!"
The dragon stops.
From rags beneath the window board
a child rises
and stares the dragon down.
Fingers grow to dragon claws,
Teeth grow sharper, skin goes black,
fire burns the clothes. A dragon returns.
A voice of power, voice of War,
"We will not fight,
Not anymore!"

Bows then down to the childs big eyes,
Hot breath on her face,
quietly speaks:
"On my back you ride today,
we shall from now together stay,
and fly the winds as one."

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