Dragon Cycle 4: Flight and Slaughter

    e              C      D
The dragons in all glory ceased to fight,
        e          D          e
    as wizards power scorched their wings.

As human armies marched along, in greatest size,
    With wizards in their leading ranks.
The dragons left the battleground without a single strike
    left inhabited lands.

They fled to lonely forests, dark and lush,
    The humans burned them down.
They fled to plains and grasslads, never seen and never touched,
    the humans brought their crown.

They then fled to dark marches, where sunlight never shines,
    a thousand workers pumped them dry
And then at last they all drew back,
    to mountains near the sky.

|| Instrumental ||

e                 D     e
In darkness dances a little flame,
         C                     D
    from teeth it leaps, from breath it came

And sparkles bright on polished stone,
    on scales of one, who sleeps alone,
And dreams uneasy dreams at night,
    of hunger suffering thirst and blight,

And each time a being dies in vain,
    the dragons body shakes in pain,
For she, the oldest on this land,
    can feel the pain, the fury, the hate
    and despair of all who live.

|| fade out. then spoken ||

Into this darkness sounds a step,
of boots of metal, cold and rash,
the ringing of swords, when unsheated,
and many boots, and always more.
scaled eyelids flutter and rusty red eyes
shimmer as the light of the moons gets caught therein.

"Why do you invade my home?
You gain little by slaying me, but
the world loses a close friend with me."

Nothing answered but the singing of steel,
when it is flung through the air,
and the blood of a dragon wet the ground this day,
and the rage of the dragons got unleashed,
when the swords returned to their sheets.

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