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Freenetproject website mirror updated

Draketo neu: random babcom - Fr, 06/26/2020 - 07:43

I found a way to make the freenetproject website mirror much nicer:

make html SITEURL=/USK@0iU8[…public key]/freenetproject-mirror/490/
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My Freenet talk for the SUMA award 2015

Draketo neu: random babcom - Fr, 06/26/2020 - 07:43

Here's a re-encoded version of the talk I gave to thank the SUMA folks for the award they gave to Freenet (in German):


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State of the climate

Draketo neu: random babcom - Fr, 06/26/2020 - 07:43


I was seriously freaked out by a paper which showed significant increases in arctic emissions. Mike Perry ( created this strip for me to finally visualize how I see the two main pathways of our future.

The license is cc by.

It's crazy to think that even in the best case scenario (humans keeping total CO₂ concentration below 470 ppm) the probability of staying below 2°C warming is just about 80%.

More details are available on my website ( and its Freereader mirror: draksites

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What is needed to release next?

Draketo neu: random babcom - Fr, 06/26/2020 - 07:43

update: seems we need to switch to a new TUF tool for updates. This might take more time than I had hoped, since I'll have to dive into the release scripts and adjust what they do.

  • fix (the last-line-of-defense failover updaters) in an

on-freenet update¹ (requires fixing sha1test.jar from the java_installer)

  • prepare shipping JNA
  • check and use the new release scripts from operhiem1/Steve
  • create an on-freenet test release from gradle
  • include the new Windows tray with 64bit support from


  • document how to release to the AWS-based website
  • do a test release to the website which works with ./


  • do a real release

While I work on the release this list might get a bit longer with stuff I missed.

¹: they were broken during the switch to AWS because the old links no longer work.

That said, my pyProbe-based statistics site (based on the work from operhiem1) is finally not-completely-broken anymore, and suddenly its node-count makes sense: Freenet Statistics

Here's the working probe.config

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Freenet devs on social media

Draketo neu: random babcom - Fr, 06/26/2020 - 07:43

I found a Freereader site which aggregates social media posts from Freenet Developers: freereader Freenet devs

I thought it might interest you.

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"what if I have no friends?"

Draketo neu: random babcom - Fr, 06/26/2020 - 07:43

"I have no friend. How do you help people without friend?"

Use opennet; and find friends, or at least comrades. People you meet to play scrabble, chess or skat --- or my favorite pasttime: fantasy roleplaying games. Or just watch the sunday football game. Seriously. You'll need them if the shit hits the fan, and be it only that you have someone who calls you if you don't turn up some day.

Given that you already worry enough that you're using Freenet, the shit might just hit the fan some day, without relation to Freenet, so go and try to make some friends.

As a side effect that will increase your life expectancy and improve your health. Humans are terribly social creatures, even down to their immune system.

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security: darknet vs. opennet

Draketo neu: random babcom - Fr, 06/26/2020 - 07:43

In Darknet your friends can launch the attacks which any stranger can launch in Opennet.

In Darknet attackers have to corrupt your friends or invade your longterm social circle while in opennet they can simply wait till they get a connection to you (and there are ways to speed that up).

So please use darknet. Build it one ref at a time

Nowadays more than ever before: it is a time for darknet

And if you cannot go darknet-only right away, start in hybrid. It is the path towards a global darknet

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What's announcement?

Draketo neu: random babcom - Fr, 06/26/2020 - 07:43

who announces what to whom about what?

Announcement means that you talk to the seednodes and tell them that you'd like to have references of other opennet nodes which fit to your position in the keyspace.

Essentially you say "tell me who's close to this location".

Then the seednodes send a request to that location and they tell you of all the nodes the request reaches.

That way the nodes you get already fit the small world structure quite well (which is needed for efficient routing in Freenet).

copied from an answer I gave on IRC

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Delay tolerant networking references

Draketo neu: random babcom - Fr, 06/26/2020 - 07:43


This provides a sneakernet, but as far as I see it, it is without strong censorship prevention. It's still pretty interesting, though.

Also Delay Tolerant Networking is getting ESA grants right now: They want to make satellites communicate reliably via non-permanent and high-latency links.

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Better proxying freenet-browser script

Draketo neu: random babcom - Fr, 06/26/2020 - 07:43

After creating the freenet profile, simply launch your freenet like this:


firefox --profile ~/.config/freenet/firefox-profile --no-remote --new-instance http://somewhere.else

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GNU/Linux desktop share 2008 to 2017

Draketo neu: random babcom - Fr, 06/26/2020 - 07:43

Unit: GNU per kilowindows.

Change: Growth by factor 2.5

Growth relative to all devices (desktop and mobile): factor 1.4

Mac changes nothing.

Larger version: gnu-linux-desktop-share.png

Background and data source:

New data, somewhat depressing:

  • 2017-08: 2.7% / 89.15%
  • 2018-08: 2.24% / 87.78%
  • 2019-08: 1.76% / 87.86%
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Infinite Hands Sheet Music

Draketo neu: random babcom - Fr, 06/26/2020 - 07:43

This is a two-page version of the Infinite Hands Sheet Music, fit for printing and playing at a campsite.

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Freenet als Proxy, praktisch (in German)

Draketo neu: random babcom - Fr, 06/26/2020 - 07:43

Tut mir Leid, dass mein letzter Post komplizierter war: Er ist nur unter
GNU/Linux automatisch umsetzbar, unter Windows geht das etwas anders
(ich habe nur GNU/Linux).


  • In freenet.ini sollte irgendein zufälliger Port als fproxy.port stehen

(zwischen 5001 und 32767). Ich nenne ihn mal NNNNN.

  • Die IP address to bind to sollte 127.x.y.z sein, mit x und y

zufälligen Zahlen zwischen 0 und 255 und z zwischen 1 und 254.

  • In deinem Firefox stellst du in deinem Freenet-Profil¹ unter

Erweitert->Netzwerk einen Proxy ein (den gleichen für alle Protokolle). Für diesen nimmst du Host 127.x.y.z und Port NNNNN (die Zahlen aus der freenet.ini)

Dazu brauchst du noch die Einstellung, dass DNS über den Proxy gehen

Freenet-Links sollten jetzt im Freenet-Profil funktionieren (mit
beliebigem Host und Port: das geht damit alles über den Proxy), aber im
nicht-Freenet-Profil nicht mehr. Dafür kann das Freenet-Profil jetzt nicht mehr auf das Clearnet zugreifen. Auch das ist gewollt (ich habe schon mehrfach ausversehen nach einem Freenet-Link gegooglet, was fast schon der Worst-Case an Privatsphärenverlust ist).

Viel Erfolg und weiter viel Spaß mit Freenet!

Danke an den Nutzer, der mich darauf hingewiesen hat, dass mein Post zu kompliziert war!

¹: Der Nutzer verwendet JonDoFox, um einfach Profile wechseln zu können. Ich starte im vorigen Post Firefox via Befehlszeile mit dem anderen Profil. Die Befehlszeile steht bei mir auch in

Der Grund dafür, dass das nicht Standard ist, ist übrigens, dass manche Nutzer sich beklagt hatten, dass sie nicht wussten, wie sie aus dem Freenet-Profil rauskommen. Wenn Firefox einfach neue Fenster im gleichen Profil startet, muss man alle Firefox-Fenster schließen (oder es mit --new-instance aufrufen).

Ich starte meinen Freenet-Browser seit neustem mit dem folgenden Skript: freenet-browser

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Use Freenet as proxy (secure against spying attacks)

Draketo neu: random babcom - Fr, 06/26/2020 - 07:43

By using Freenet as a proxy instead of connecting via HOST:PORT (i.e., you can avoid most attacks which try to find your freenet node by randomizing host and port (i.e. bind to host and port 25678), but in your proxied browser all the standard links will work (i.e.

IP: 127.x.y.z with x y being random numbers between 0 and 255 and z between 1 and 254)

PORT: a number between 5001 und 32767 (inclusive interval)

If you forward it via SSH, also change your ssh forward to


with IP and PORT as the new 127.x.y.z and port you defined in as "IP address to bind to" and "Web Interface Port". The first IP:PORT pair is the local one, the second the remote one.

(this might require additional work on MacOSX, since it might only use as local IP)

  • Firefox

    This setup should be the strongest, because it uses a special profile for Freenet which should not interact with your normal browsing profile. Remember using private window mode, though, if you worry about your computer being infiltrated in some way.


    rm -r ~/.config/freenet/firefox-profile/ mkdir -p ~/.config/freenet/firefox-profile echo '//Firefox Default Settings //set proxy server settings user_pref("network.proxy.http", ""); user_pref("network.proxy.http_port", 8888); user_pref("network.proxy.ssl", ""); user_pref("network.proxy.ssl_port", 8888); user_pref("network.proxy.gopher", ""); user_pref("network.proxy.gopher_port", 8888); user_pref("network.proxy.ftp", ""); user_pref("network.proxy.ftp_port", 8888); user_pref("network.proxy.socks", ""); user_pref("network.proxy.socks_port", 8888); user_pref("network.proxy.no_proxies_on", ""); // allow FMS user_pref("network.proxy.type", 1); user_pref("network.proxy.socks_remote_dns", true); user_pref("network.proxy.share_proxy_settings", true); ' > ~/.config/freenet/firefox-profile/prefs.js

    (Replace with the new "IP address to bind to", and 8888 with the new "Web interface port").


    firefox --profile ~/.config/freenet/firefox-profile --new-instance --private-window http://somewhere.else/
  • Chromium

    Chromium with proxy is easier to setup, but does not separate the two browsing modes as strongly:

    chromium --proxy-server= --incognito http://somewhere.else/
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Draketo neu: random babcom - Fr, 06/26/2020 - 07:43

I just switched to a new FMS ID. Find me at SSK@t-YmshUm43nS16QFieoZMfBdfieb9Opy0a2aMWsoH8o,7NqDX88r1R4SC~elmpW4SuKbnAOka~MKUuBufUWa2xQ,AQACAAE/

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Please re-send your freemails

Draketo neu: random babcom - Fr, 06/26/2020 - 07:43

Due to my recent loss of my node, I also lost my old freemails. If you sent me a freemail in the past 2 months, please re-send it (I most likely did not see it and now cannot access it anymore).

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Privacy Handbuch (german)

Draketo neu: random babcom - Fr, 06/26/2020 - 07:43

Just found at, with latex sources:

It's public domain (it says).

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