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there's no temporary mitigation; opennet is the temporary mitigation

Draketo neu: random babcom - Fr, 06/26/2020 - 07:43

That's from Florent / nextgens. Perfectly captures the relation between darknet and opennet.

If you want to be safe, get people you know to start using Freenet and connect to them over Darknet. Confidential N2N messages to your friends are a nice bonus you gain from that.

(context: over the years many people suggested to make a semi-trusted darknet to mitigate the problem that some people do not know enough friends to connect. That's what Opennet provides)

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Stats down: stats node was heavily loaded

Draketo neu: random babcom - Fr, 06/26/2020 - 07:43

Short note: The stats page shows a heavy drop of IDs online IDs. That's an artifact of overload on Steves node. He fixed it and it will be up at the value from a week ago within a few days.

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Die Principia Diskordia

Draketo neu: random babcom - Fr, 06/26/2020 - 07:43

Eins der Werke, die ich hier her kopieren darf, und die eigentlich längst hier hätten sein müssen :)

Die Principia Diskordia

CC by-nc --- zum Werk passend die umstrittenste der CC Lizenzen :)

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Publish in under 6 minutes with Freenet and Sharesite

Draketo neu: random babcom - Fr, 06/26/2020 - 07:43

A short screencast which shows how to get your own Freesite in about 5 minutes.


(I know it's not perfect. Please make a better one if you can)


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Video Contact Sheet, a free video thumbnailer

Draketo neu: random babcom - Fr, 06/26/2020 - 07:43

I looked for video thumbnail generators, and this is the best I found --- the LGPL licensed bash-script vcs

(be sure to use ---anonymous)


Full sources: vcs-1.13.2.tar.gz

Requirements (most desktops should have all, or most, of them): ImageMagick (at least version 6.3.5-7) (convert, montage and identify commands), mplayer or FFmpeg (preferably both), and some common stuff available on most sane desktops: bash (≥ 3.1) (for bash v2.05b use vcs 1.12.2), sed, grep/egrep, getopt and cut.

What would be even better is if someone could create a thumbnailer which chooses frames based on a measure of interestingness --- for example gradients in the stills, as it is done for images. Examples (sadly the full versions are all paywalled, but the abstracts should give you a hint what I mean):

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EU digital copyright consultation, last chance (please take part!)

Draketo neu: random babcom - Fr, 06/26/2020 - 07:43

How to take part

An important EU public consultation on copyright closes on Wednesday. As well as the official consultation page from the European Commission, there is an easy-to-use site set up by the Copyright for Creativity group that aims to facilitate the process by explaining what the questions really mean. It takes only a few minutes to complete, and automates the entire submission process. There are versions in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Polish.

Help fix copyright in the EU via the site from fixcopyright:

Explanatory videos:

Copy explains Freedom of Panorama

Meet Copy's Cousin: Ancy short for Ancillary Copyright

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1475 is risky: If you don't want it to break your setup, please test it!

Draketo neu: random babcom - Fr, 06/26/2020 - 07:43

Florent released 1475-pre1 last saturday. Please test it --- especially if you use Windows (since no core dev uses that) but also on GNU/Linux and MacOSX!

./ testing
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Fun with stenography

Draketo neu: random babcom - Fr, 06/26/2020 - 07:43

(not quite steganography, but without the text around it, it's pretty close to steganography for those who don't know the shorthand system Deutsche Einheitskurzschrift (DEK) ☺)

More info in German: Die Ranmex

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the audio tag (in 1474)

Draketo neu: random babcom - Fr, 06/26/2020 - 07:43



Thanks to the mp3 fixes from bertm and thanks to Florent merging my audio-tag work, the above now works (if you run next built from source or at least build 1474 which is not yet released at the time of writing). We finally have convenient music in Freenet!

(the song is the Hero of Freenet, adapted from the Hero of Canton from Firefly)

Use it like this:

<audio src=",RaXwRgxI5DzMP9WqCClvIn5mWKt-GiUYKx1CVCAwGhs,AAMC--8/the-hero-of-freenet.mp3" type="audio/mpeg" style="height: 20px" controls="controls" preload="auto" ></audio>
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Omnia kommt nach Karlsruhe! 23. July 2016! Vorverkauf bis 11. Juni!

Draketo neu: random babcom - Fr, 06/26/2020 - 07:43


  • „Saltatio Mortis”
  • „Faun”
  • „Mr. Hurley & Die Pulveraffen”
  • „Omnia”
  • „Saor Patrol”
  • „Cobblestones”
  • „Rapalje”
  • „Cultus Ferox”
  • „Metusa”
  • „Duivelspack”


  • „Feuervögel”


  • Kontaktjonglage „Kerry Balder”
  • Kraftjongleur „Bagatelli”
  • „Jeremias”
  • „Lupus”


  • „Cross Fire”
  • „Danse Infernale ”


  • Kindertheater Zauberer „Heiko”
  • Fechtkampfgruppe „Fictum”
  • „Dudelsack- und Drehleierworkshops”
  • „Tanzworkshop”
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hotfix testing release, please test!

Draketo neu: random babcom - Fr, 06/26/2020 - 07:43

There's a testing release with hotfixes for three pressing problems:

  1. When a bandwidth less than the minimum bandwidth is configured, the

node no longer fails to start, but uses the minimum bandwidth instead.
This fixes a regression introduced in build 1473.

  1. Selecting the monthly bandwith limit failed and only allowed

the minimum bandwidth.

  1. A metadata validation bug that has plagued Frost users for the past

two days is fixed, which caused most of the affected node's requests to
stall after a malicious splitfile is fetched.

Update with ./ testing
(this will connect over the internet, don't do this if you're using pure darknet)

For details, see the mailing list or the fms message:

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Planning Freenet tasks in Freenet

Draketo neu: random babcom - Fr, 06/26/2020 - 07:43

bertm is regularly uploading the task-planning Freesite to enable anonymous users to take part in the discussion:

Submit your comments to the following FMS thread so they can be integrated by non-anonymous folks:

I don't agree on using Google Docs for this, but as long as it isn't important to the workflow (though only because people proxy --- thanks go to Ademan and bertm), I'll take part.

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Today I'll be 34

Draketo neu: random babcom - Fr, 06/26/2020 - 07:43

let's see what this day has in store ☺

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Material to understand Freenet

Draketo neu: random babcom - Fr, 06/26/2020 - 07:43

For the basics, have a look at some slides I wrote:

If you want to go somewhat deeper, you can look at the articles I wrote about Freenet, as well as the wiki:

And if you want to go really deep, look at the papers:

After that, there's only the source, the one true source of truth:


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Sharesites with style...

Draketo neu: random babcom - Fr, 06/26/2020 - 07:43

I think all Sharesites should have a link at the bottom to get the stylesheet.

Yes, I'm the one who should do that --- this is just a note to myself to remember doing it :)

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1w6 Ein-Würfel-System in Freenet

Draketo neu: random babcom - Fr, 06/26/2020 - 07:43

Ich habe die Deutsche Druckfassung von in Freenet hochgeladen:

1w6 RPG, Deutsch

Die Seite enthält nicht nur die Beschreibungen, sondern auch das komplette Technophob-Regelwerk und 10 Jahre Charakter-Logs. Und sie funktioniert in Freenet gut.

Als Ergänzung habe ich das Grundregelwerk als PDF hochgeladen: 1w6-regeln-2.6.1i.pdf

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The Hero of Freenet (Thank you, Firefly!)

Draketo neu: random babcom - Fr, 06/26/2020 - 07:43

Inspired by Hero of Canton (The Ballad of Jayne) from Firefly:

Update: seconds -> seasons, breakage -> problems.

Steve, the man they call Steve!

He worked for a switch and he worked for the poor
Stood up for the man and he gave him what for
Our love for him now ain't hard to perceive,
The hero of Freenet, the man they call Steve.

Now Steve saw the gaters nodes breaking,
he saw the Mac folks lament,
And he saw that Oracle takin'
Every dollar and leaving five cents.
He said "you can't do that to my people!"
"You can't grab our folks by their throats!"

So Steve strapped on his hat
and in five seasons flat
fix the problems which sunk Freenet nodes.


Now here is what separates heroes
from common folk like you and I,
the man they call Steve
gave his grudges a leave
and fixed Windows boxes to fly.

He ran the Microsoft devtools,
He got those MacOSX bars,

The man they call Steve
gave his grudges a leave
then used Linux to head for the stars.

Here we go!


Head over to Youtube to hear how this could sound:

/PS: If you plan to record this, please make a new, separate identity for that. Your voice and playing style are never anonymous. Chords are at the official Firefly website shown above (browncoats). I can already sing it OK, but I cannot yet play it right --- maybe you'll beat me to it :)/

/PPS: And thanks to whoever once shared Masterharper of Pern mp3s in Gnutella, through which I found Filk music from which I now buy quite a few CDs every year and which became a home for me! Music which is shared on websites which are already being dropped from the Google index. Where else do you think would you meet 100 people who sing about everything from Pern to Lord of the Rings, DnD, Witchcraft, Hacking, Shadowrun and Harry Potter?/

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Goals for Salt donations at Bountysource

Draketo neu: random babcom - Fr, 06/26/2020 - 07:43


I now set the Bountysource Salt goals I proposed in the previous mail (contained after this text):


copied here:

conference travel costs $250
We can now cover the expenses to get Freenet developers to conferences for spreading Freenet

  • yearly Freenet Hackathon $750

In addition to the conferences, this finances a yearly Freenet Hackathon to allow the farspread development team to actually meet in person and dedicate a weekend to the most efficient way of hacking: an in-person hackathon.

  • one paid part time developer $3,050

If we reach this goal, we can hire a part time developer (after taxes it's about 1.2k$ / month net salary).

  • one paid full time developer $10,000

At this point we can hire a dedicated full itme developer and push Freenet core forward much stronger, as well as ensure that contributions get reviewed and merged promptly (after taxes it's about 3-4k$ / month net salary).

It's now also linked on the donation page ( ), so Salt for Freenet is
now as official as it gets.

Please comment!

Best wishes,

> Steve Dougherty writes:
>> On 03/07/2016 05:50 AM, Arne Babenhauserheide wrote:
>>> I'd like to revisit the discussion about monthly donations via salt on
>>> bountysource.
>>> We have an account with currently one anonymous monthly supporter and
>>> one non-anonymous supporter:
>>> This allows us setting actual monthly targets which people can check ---
>>> for example sufficient monthly donations to support a developer.
>>> If we want to make salt part of Freenet donations, I will put it on the
>>> donation page. If I remember correctly, the previous discussion was
>>> inconclusive, so I'd like to get your opinions again:
>>> Will we take salt money?
>> I'd be fine with that.
> Since there were no other opinions, I consider this as general
> agreement. We will take Salt money.
> I added a pull-request to link Salt from our donation page:
> While I was at it, I also reworked the donation page a bit:
> So the next question rises: Do we set targets? Some ideas:
> - $250: cover expenses to spread Freenet at conferences.¹
> - $500: cover expenses for a yearly Freenet Hackathon.¹
> - $2300: one paid part time developer.²
> - \(7000: one paid full time developer.²\\ >\\ > Do you have other ideas?\\ >\\ > ¹: I'm not sure whether my cost estimate is correct. Does it fit your\\ > experiences?\\ >\\ > ²: Note that this includes tax --- it's about 1.2k\) / 3-4k$ net salary.
> Best wishes,
> Arne

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I am darknet only again

Draketo neu: random babcom - Fr, 06/26/2020 - 07:43

There is now a detailed report⁰ how law enforcement tracks opennet downloaders (though the statistics are flawed pretty badly¹²). Since this is not only usable against criminals but also to track down anyone who accesses websites in Freenet, allowing censorship by threatening people with punishment for reading something, I decided to go dark again, so I can see which problems still exist in pure darknet.

However I have roughly 10 darknet friends (not all online at the same time), so my performance isn't actually that bad.

⁰: I'm not allowed to upload the report here, so I can only give a clearnet link to the white paper:

¹: : the vulnerability to HTL18 they use has already been addressed in 2008, so any probability they claim using that is false. For every connection there is a 50% chance that all the requests (not only a single one) did not originate from the node from which we received them but were forwarded one step. So for 10 connection (the lowest value), there are 5 other nodes whose HTL18 requests are forwarded with HTL18, so the probability that a given HTL18 request originated at the node from which we received it is only about 17% (1 in 6). And this probability does not get better when gathering more requests of chunks from a specific file or a specific kind of files, because they can reasonably all be forwarded from a different node --- the one which really sent them. The only way to get good statistics would be to connect to this node over and over again at different times when the peers of the node changed (that requires waiting at least 2 hours to change a significant number of peers --- the only way to be sure would be to wait for the other node to go offline for more than 5 minutes and then to connect to it again). However screening out every node which ever sent a HTL17 or HTL16 request could improve the reliability a lot, though with significant cost. That doesn't change that their probabilities are calculated incorrectly, but could give them a pretty good hit rate on people downloading a large volume of material.

  • Code:

  • Commit:

²: Despite the flawed statistics they used, there are correlation attacks which are pretty easy in Opennet. Just have a look at a random selection of toads flog entries: Toad's Flog
The solution to these is to use Darknet mode (pure friend-to-friend) and to make using Darknet mode easier.

Also we can change the Opennet Port at every restart of Freenet to make continuous tracking harder.

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logs from working two-step UOM

Draketo neu: random babcom - Fr, 06/26/2020 - 07:43

Thanks to pull request 514 by yadevel, two-step UOM as needed for the next release seems to work!

These are my logs from the second working UOM update, gathered from the UpgradeTarget:







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