A GNU Head, redrawn

For my new Neo-Keyboard I wanted the GNU head from GNU and the plussy from FSFE on the meta/super keys (those which often have a Fenster-Logo). Sadly the normal GNU head did not work very well with the Laser from Schubi, so I grabbed my tablet, fired up mypaint and created a new one, building on the old, but adding more contrast and stronger lines. I hope you like it!

A GNU head, redrawn

A GNU head, redrawn

See the attachments for other versions, OpenRaster and SVG source.

And if you like it, please leave a comment!

PS: And my spacebar says “Infinity’s ours and infinity’s free”! *happy*

a-gnu-head-redrawn-clean.png67.24 KB
a-gnu-head-redrawn.png446.15 KB
a-gnu-head-redrawn.ora1.4 MB
a-gnu-head-redrawn-clean.svgz21.67 KB
a-gnu-head-redrawn-clean-simplified.png14.27 KB
a-gnu-head-redrawn-clean-simplified.svgz6.03 KB
a-gnu-head-redrawn-clean.ora1.52 MB
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