Weltenwald-theme under AGPL (Drupal)

After the last round of polishing, I decided to publish my theme under AGPLv3. Reason: If you use AGPL code and people access it over a network, you have to offer them the code. Which I hereby do ;)
That’s the only way to make sure that website code stays free.

It’s still for Drupal 5, because I didn’t get around to port it, and it has some ugly hacks, but it should be fully functional.

Just untar it in any Drupal 5 install.

tar xjf weltenwald-theme-2010-08-05_r1.tar.bz2

Maybe I’ll get around to properly package it in the future…

Until then, feel free to do so yourself :)

And should I change the theme without posting a new layout here, just drop me a line and I’ll upload a new version — as required by AGPL. And should you have some problem, or if something should be missing, please drop me a line, too.

No screenshot, because a live version kicks a screenshot any day ;)
(in case it isn’t clear: Weltenwald is the theme I use on this site)

weltenwald-theme-2010-08-05_r1.tar.bz2877.74 KB
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