No, it ain’t “forever” (GNU Hurd code_swarm from 1991 to 2010)

If the video doesn’t show, you can also download it as Ogg Theora & Vorbis “.ogv” or find it on youtube.

This video shows the activity of the Hurd coders and answers some common questions about the Hurd, including “How stagnated is Hurd compared to Duke Nukem Forever?”. It is created directly from commits to Hurd repositories, processed by community codeswarm.

Every shimmering dot is a change to a file. These dots align around the coder who did the change. The questions and answers are quotes from todays IRC discussions (2010-07-13) in #hurd at

You can clearly see the influx of developers in 2003/2004 and then again a strenthening of the development in 2008 with less participants but higher activity than 2003 (though a part of that change likely comes from the switch to git with generally more but smaller commits).

I hope you enjoyed the high-level look on the activity of the Hurd project!

PS: The last part is only the information title with music to honor Sean Wright for allowing everyone to use and adapt his Album Enchanted.

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