(All this is) Gentoo for me

Gentoo for me Logo- Words and Music: Arne Babenhauserheide ( http://draketo.de )

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This recording is part of the music podcast singing in the winds of time.

  I build my kernel and I strip it down,
  my programs only do what I need
  the tree is at my very core
  it's my whole world and it is my seed.

I came to Gentoo several years ago,
it's power was my joy and woe,
replaced OSX with a mighty shell,
and learned its ways and learned them well.

(well mostly, and learning at times is a hell)


I rebuilt only 2 times since that day,
for at first I didn't know my way,
the second one was a lovely bird,
but a new Computer brought the third.

(someday I want a Gentoo GNU/Hurd)


I learned each day and my knowledge grew,
from the wiki and forums it leaped and flew,
information in structure gave power in mind,
and the strongest is what the tutorials bind.

(but read them well, or trouble's what you find)


A new life came when I met the snake,
I'd been asleep, now I'm awake,
for portage might be quite complex,
but reading Python's sometimes close to sex.

(go deeper and deeper and the world seems to shift)


Somewhere between some seedlings appeared,
with stuff for special people geared,
sometimes dangerous, but mostly good,
and the tree had grown a little wood.

(but remember where the main trunk stood)


And now the tree has KDE 4,
since that appeared I like it evermore.
All that nifty stuff I missed from my Mac,
usability and beauty and the vision are back.

(and don't forget power, more than any I knew before)


Together all this is Gentoo for me,
but there sure is more I don't get or see,
and some parts for which I feel quite strong,
just didn't fit into this song.

(Gentoo's much too large to fit into any... )

PS: I just uploaded this into my Jamendo Account.

PS: I just found another (older) Gentoo song.

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