follow the blue rabbit

========= blue-rabbit =========
follow the blue rabbit
through the looking glass
to find your real self
========= looking glass =========

Morning has broken

Morning has broken
        beyond repair

the words are spoken
        now do you dare

to absolve of the error made
or will you die in your own shade?

Foreign Lands

We will help you, my dear friends,
to bomb and conquer foreign lands,

It won't be attack, nor a sin,
as we will be the ones, who win,

and should someone then criticize,
we'll show our muscles to his eyes,

so never should again he say,
that foreign lands will foreign stay.

Defend ourselves, is what we do,
and our friends defend us, too,

So it's a real honor thing,
that defend bells of yours we'll ring,

whatever is your property,
we'll die for it, as you will see,

and if it's now not one of yours,
soon it will be, we'll help, of course.

fonättikl inglisch

The slaves we freed,

This is what I read,

And yesterday I read,

That they all fled.

PS: The title is “phonetical english”, written in a way, that germans can just read it aloud to speak it correctly.

Style over Substance

Stories of Weaklings, who win every fight
against bigger foes with their voices might,

Stories of Anarchists, who do nothing more,
than talk and talk, and still win the war.

Stories of Mages, who mumble and roar,
for a fizzling spell, which still makes them sore.

Stories of Dreamers, who sing in the night,
and weave our future, shining so bright.

All this you can find here, come out of the dark,
set Style over Substance, for that is our mark.

(I actually usually do the opposite, but there is
something to stories of those who live on style)

Censorship in the Streets — it’s idiocy everywhere

A man in the streets faces a knife.
Two policemen are there it once. They raise a sign:

“Illegal Scene! Noone may watch this!”

The man gets robbed and stabbed and bleeds to death.
The police had to hold the sign.

Welcome to Europe, citizen. Censorship is beautiful.

→ Courtesy to Censilia, who wants censorship in the EU after it failed in Germany. You might also be interested in 11 more reasons why censorship is useless and harmful.

PS: This poem is free and permissively licensed: Please feel free to use it anyway you like, as long as you provide a backlink.

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