pyFreenet 0.4.1 with auto-spawn support in fcpupload

I just put up a new pyFreenet release (github):

If you have Python3 and pip >= 8 you can get it with pip3 install -U --user --egg pyFreenet3. It provides a cleaned up fcpupload script with --spawn support (requires GNU/Linux):

pip3 install -U --user --egg pyFreenet3
echo 1 > testfile
fcpupload --spawn --fcpPort 9486 testfile 

add -p 1 (high prio) and -e (realtime) for higher speed

It creates a Freenet node which listens at port 9486 (except if one already exists there), inserts the testfile, waits until the upload finishes, gives you a CHK link to the file and stops the node afterwards.

Also fcpupload now works again when used with a remote node.

This is tested by doublec, but still has rough edges (For example pip3 install can fail with error: option --single-version-externally-managed not recognized). But it works: people who have Java and Python3 installed on GNU/Linux can now upload files into Freenet without having to worry about Freenet at all — even without ever seeing it.

If you experience problems, please tell me on FMS (in Freenet) on GNU social or on twitter.

This article is also available on my Sharesite in Freenet: random_babcom: pyFreenet 0.4.1 with auto-spawn support in fcpupload

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