Screencast: Tabbing of everything in KDE

I just discovered tabbing of everything in KDE:


Created with recordmydesktop, cut with kdenlive, encoded to ogg theora with ffmpeg2theora (encoding command).

Music: Beat into Submission on Public Domain by Tryad.

To embed the video on your own site you can simply use:


If you do so, please provide a backlink here.

License: cc by-sa, because that’s the license of the song. If you omit the audio, you can also use one of my usual free licenses (or all of them, including the GPL). Here’s the raw recording (=video source).

¹: Feel free to upload the video to youtube or similar. I license my stuff under free licenses to make it easy for everyone to use, change and spread them.

²: Others have shown this before, but I don’t mind that. I just love the feature, so I want to show it :)

³: The command wheel I use for calling programs is the pyRad.

screencast-tabbing-everywhere-kde.ogv10.75 MB

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encoding command with cropping

This is what I used for encoding. I accidently worked in 16:9, but my recording was only 4:3 (and kdenlive had problems with changing the size, I assume because of some pixel ratio stuff), so I just cropped away the black borders on the left and right side when encoding.

ffmpeg2theora screencast-tabbing-everywhere-kde.avi --copyright "Video: 2010 Arne Babenhauserheide, Music: 2006 Tryad" --license "" --contact "" --date "2010-08-31" -v6 -a3 --speedlevel 0 --soft-target -V 256 --cropleft 190 --cropright 190

Hereby this commandline is saved, so I wont have to build it by hand again :)

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