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Would Teaching AI be easier than programming

Draketo neu: Kommentare - Di, 12/07/2021 - 08:55

Once we have general purpose AI, we’ll need the skills to translate requirements into a description a conscious being with slightly different thought processes understands correctly.

Teachers can tell you how hard that will be.

From a discussion about programming when AI helps you code.

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FFP2 masks protect very well against corona

Draketo neu: Kommentare - Mo, 12/06/2021 - 22:54

Last week research showed that properly worn FFP2 masks offer more than 99,9% protection against infection during 20 minute interaction.

Badly worn FFP2 masks (likely the majority) still offer 96% protection.

Medical masks are weaker, but better than no mask.

Without mask and without vaccination you have almost 100% chance of infection if you are in close vicinity to an infected for a few minutes.

See: https://www.zdf.de/nachrichten/panorama/corona-masken-studie-sicherheit-100.html

Publication: https://www.pnas.org/content/118/49/e2110117118

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stop and think

Draketo neu: Kommentare - Mo, 12/06/2021 - 22:54

It is OK to let something you feel guide you, but you need to check it from time to time. You need to stop and think. Because it can be wrong. But it doesn’t feel like that.

To stop and think is one of the huge strength of humans. It is how we can guide our much faster and much less strenuous intuitive reactions, because it can compensate for their biases.

We can afford much more efficient reactions, because they need not be perfect. Our consciousness serves as corrective, and that gives us part of our versatility: we need not be right. We just need to stop and think from time to time to get closer.

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why you should vaccinate

Draketo neu: Kommentare - Mi, 12/01/2021 - 21:40

reply to a question in Sone, Freenet.

  • The vaccine reduces transmission by factor 3 to factor 6: While the average unvaccinated person infects 6 other people (without additional measures), the average vaccinated person only infects 1-2 people.
  • Vaccinated people have a massively reduced rate of severe cases. If they do get infected, they only rarely have to get to the hospital.

Get vaccinated because that avoids overloading hospitals. We as nations and as humanity failed at controlling COVID-19, but once most people are vaccinated we can afford letting the illness become part of our lives within 1-2 years without risking to have droves of people suffocate in front of clinics because there is no more room for them inside.

For COVID-19 I doublechecked the official numbers during the first year myself, and they check out. It’s good to be critical, but if you check something in depth and it actually matches, there comes a point when the sceptical position is to accept that here you were told the truth by health officials (as far as it was known at that time, and updated when new information came in).

My wife told me last week that last year she was surprised that I didn’t say that the pandemic is a lie, because I’m usually opposed to many official statements (growing up on official lies about Echelon does that …). Fact is: I checked it where I am competent to do the checking, and it checks out. We are in a pandemic and need to react accordingly — or face the consequences: nature does not give you a break when you are wrong.


  • Results of my checking (in German, but see the diagrams): USK@LHeuG-SU5ZvYQXTu8Y9mhjCYyQxB-m-W~ryElufr-2M,Ij9l0U1Wa~FQu7GFBf~ciwUbCwpTFv6mWZkS1YuoxQk,AQACAAE/arnebab-org/262/wissen/covid-19-naiver-blick.html
  • Related in English: Is vaccination the rational choice? USK@LHeuG-SU5ZvYQXTu8Y9mhjCYyQxB-m-W~ryElufr-2M,Ij9l0U1Wa~FQu7GFBf~ciwUbCwpTFv6mWZkS1YuoxQk,AQACAAE/arnebab-org/261/politik/covid-vaccination-rational.html

You could say that it’s the fault of previous CIA and NSA lies and coverups and so forth that it’s hard to trust, but fuck them: Can’t let those lies ruin our ability as humanity to respond to actual crises.

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The Values Encoded in Machine Learning Research (pre-print)

Draketo neu: Kommentare - Mi, 12/01/2021 - 21:40

A pre-print paper. Stunning quote from the abstract:

Notably, we find that each of these top values is currently being defined and applied with assumptions and implications generally supporting the centralization of power.The Values Encoded in Machine Learning Research, A. Birhane et al.

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bad, but not bad enough

Draketo neu: Kommentare - Sa, 11/27/2021 - 12:46

… to be noticed — how better tooling can ruin a profession through bad incentives.

Tool-based time saving is a dangerous incentive if the one who hired you does not know the requirements of the job well enough. You might not be able to afford doing the job right if someone else offers it for much less doing a bad but not bad enough job to be noticed.

Written in a thread about machine translation.

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Warhammer 40k is …

Draketo neu: Kommentare - Fr, 11/26/2021 - 17:47

Warhammer is not manly. It is what manly becomes if it loses all sanity and follows the light of the corpse on the throne that consumes the souls of its followers to provide the beacon that guides ships through literal hell. It is what war becomes if your side is worse than any enemy you can imagine, while the actual enemies are beyond imagination.

Should they one day no longer be beyond imagination, you took your first step on the path of chaos and your own troops will happily burn you, your family, and everyone nearby to eradicate what might be the spark of chaos that infected you.

Comment to a watered down Youtube-Video where someone called Warhammer manly.

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Javascript Floating Point Rounding Is Crazy

Draketo neu: Kommentare - Fr, 11/26/2021 - 01:06

According to mdn, If the fractional portion is exactly 0.5, the argument is rounded to the next integer in the direction of +∞mdn: Math.round

20.555.toPrecision(4) // 20.55 — hu, that is strange. Rounded down? 20.55501.toPrecision(4) // 20.56 — looks good -20.555.toPrecision(4) // -20.55, that is rounded towards positive, ok. -20.55501.toPrecision(4) // -20.56, ?!?

Do not try this in your favorite developer tools, if you value your sanity.

Further reading:

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Querdenker folgen

Draketo neu: Kommentare - Fr, 11/19/2021 - 08:11

Das ist die traurige Ironie von Querdenkern: Sie glauben, sie würden quer gehen, laufen aber Leuten hinterher, die ihnen Lügen auftischen und von Empörung zu Empörung hetzen, um ihre Gedanken zu knechten und sie konform mit menschenverachtender Ideologie zu machen.

Die Gedanken sind leer,
sie wären gern schlauer,
und glauben sich quer,
im Kopf nur 'ne Mauer,

Sie sehn in Debatten,
Die Menschen als Ratten,
Doch Denken ist schwer,
Die Gedanken sind leer.

Die Gedanken sind leer,
doch Köpfe zu voll,
vom täglichen Groll,
so fühln sie sich toll,

Im Hass, den sie mehren,
Um Glück abzuwehren,
Verständnis wär heer, doch
Die Gedanken sind leer.

(Geschrieben zu dem Lied von BuddyBudsen „Die Gedanken sind quer“)

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Paying pays people

Draketo neu: Kommentare - Do, 11/18/2021 - 07:53

Paying for software is a means to enable companies to pay people without betraying you.

It does not protect you against those who betray you anyway.

As those AAA games show that already made lots of money but added addicting loot boxes anyway to drive profits even higher.

The problem is that you can earn money by betraying your users. Or readers.

Comment to Still the product: “The idea that there is virtue in paying because it incentivizes better corporate ethics is absurd on its face.”

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copyleft free software and its ideals made social networks safer

Draketo neu: Kommentare - Mo, 11/15/2021 - 07:39

Wired published an article criticising the ideals of free software that wanders between plain wrong and misinforming.

I answered that on rollenspiel.social:

Sadly the article contains misinformation: “If a court ever got close to taking action, the offender would simply shift gears and do what is asked.” — that’s wrong. When the 30 days lenience period after notification is over and they are still in violation of the license, they are never again allowed to use the software without getting express permission by the authors.

Getting people to use their IP to control what others may do is just the authoritarian way of Trump.

And more misinformanion "how to make social networks safer for women or minorities … free software hasn’t improved things" — this is blatantly false. Free Software has enabled communities to devise their own ways.

While Facebook is still giving huge reach to fascists, Free Software enabled communities to develop ways for shutting out the fascists and protect themselves: https://conf.tube/videos/watch/d8c8ed69-79f0-4987-bafe-84c01f38f966

And bad advice "I have suggested a license limited to non-commercial uses" — that is as shortsighted as it gets. Here’s a debunking of that idea: https://www.draketo.de/light/english/politics/free-culture-danger-noncommercial

For this: A non-commercial license would forbid donation sponsored community-sites — the structure that enabled the Fediverse to defend against fascists — and would make them dependent on ad-revenue.

So this article critiques Free Software ideals as not going with the time without even conveying why they are as they are — where an in-depth analysis would show that there are very good reasons for how they are. Twitter might actually sometimes be taking some action against fascists, but the power it gives its owners will all be in the hands of Trump if he rises to power again. One of his supporters already bought major shares of twitter and then pressured the company into giving them a seat in its board of directors. Now twitter found that its algorithm boosts right-wing content. Big surprise …

Being dependent on ad-revenue is how big social networks became the cesspool they are, because it forces them to optimize for engagement (outrage, mocking, and strengthening predjudice) instead of optimizing for the value users derive from their interactions. See https://www.humanetech.com/

All in all the author says that enabling people is wrong, because it might enable the wrong people. To avoid support for making it easy to run federated networks they accept the power imbalance between dominant networks and users and hope to civilize those who benefit from extorting value from surveillance and manipulation of users (ad-revenue). They bolster monopolies instead of launching the equivalent of antitrust-actions.

Petition the king to be somewhat nicer instead of getting rid of kings together.

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Verdopplung der Corona-Fallzahlen in unter 2 Wochen

Draketo neu: Kommentare - Fr, 10/29/2021 - 09:04

Update (2021-11): Epidemiologisches Bulletin 46/2021: Kinder vor einer SARS-CoV-2-Infektion schützen, Stand der Forschung

bisher keine gezielte präventive oder kurative Therapie für Long­COVID.

Der 7-Tage-Mittelwert der Fallzahlen ist diese Woche um 47% gegenüber der Vorwoche gestiegen.

Das bedeutet, dass die Verdopplungszeit der Fallzahlen aktuell bei unter 2 Wochen liegt. Wenn wir die Krankenhauseinweisungen als Indikator für Schutzmaßnahmen nutzen (Hospitalisierungsinzidenz), die um gut 2 Wochen verzögert sind (3-5 Tage bis zu den Symptomen, 7-10 Tage bis zur Verschlechterung), ist unsere Regelung um mindestens Faktor 2 verzögert.

Mindestens, weil die Verdopplungszeit gerade kürzer wird: Letzte Woche lag sie noch bei etwa 15 Tagen, jetzt ist sie bei etwa 13 Tagen.

Beispiel Baden-Württemberg: Die Maßnahmen kommen zu spät.

Nach dem Dreistufensystem in Baden-Württemberg ist die Warnstufe bei zwei Tagen mit Auslastung von 250 auf den Intensivstationen erreicht, die Alarmstufe bei zwei Tagen mit einer Auslastung von 390.

Bei der aktuellen wöchentlichen Fallsteigerung ist aber schon jetzt sehr wahrscheinlich, dass die Alarmstufe überschritten wird. Und wenn wir das merken, ist bereits wahrscheinlich, dass es mindestens doppelt so viele werden.

Der wichtigste Indikator ist der R-Wert: Wenn er zu lange über 1 liegt, verlieren wir die Kontrolle.

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Kinder im Urheberrechts-Sumpf

Draketo neu: Kommentare - Di, 10/26/2021 - 07:40

Wie ich gelernt habe, dass ich meinen Kindern Urheberrecht beibringen muss:

„Nein, du darfst nicht einfach einen Screenshot davon machen und es als Profilbild verwenden!“


„Weil wir die Kämpfe der letzten zwei Jahrzehnte verloren haben.“

Nachdem ich das gepostet hatte, hat gleich ein Urheber eine Richtigstellung geschrieben. Die leider vor Fehlern strotzte.

Und so einen Sumpf, den sogar viele vom Urheberrecht Lebende nicht verstehen, muss ich meinen Kindern beibringen.

Das Urheberrecht wurde nicht geschrieben, damit sich normale Leute damit rumschlagen müssen, sondern für Rechtsabteilungen von Verlagen.

Und jetzt muss ich diesen Mist meinen Kindern korrekt beibringen, sonst kennen sie entweder ihre Rechte nicht oder riskieren unwissentlich Strafen.

Und das kann es doch echt nicht sein.

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wonderful anti-whaling video

Draketo neu: Kommentare - Di, 10/19/2021 - 20:28

The Addictive Cost Of Predatory Videogame Monetization (The Jimquisition).

Whaling in video games is correctly named after one of the most horrifying practices we humans did, a horrible low point in humanities existence. Slaugthering some of the most majestic beings on our planet.

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Draketo neu: Kommentare - Sa, 10/16/2021 - 00:05

I often think about how I can find the right balance between Homer’s mother who fought for the planet while leaving her child alone and Homer himself who gave up his dreams to support his kids and became that father who strangles his son.

Written as comment to The TRUE ending to the Lord of the Rings.

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Math speed between men and women is due to training and culture

Draketo neu: Kommentare - Fr, 10/15/2021 - 05:49

Someone said fewer women were in physics than men because they were slower in math than men.

My wife blows me away in math speed. Yes, we tried. I have a PhD in physics.

This is anecdotal evidence that tells me that the current scientific viewpoint is plausible that most math-differences are created by society.

Two references (the first with a book recommendation for further reading):

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An Querdenker

Draketo neu: Kommentare - Fr, 10/15/2021 - 05:49

Du findest, hier läuft vieles schief? Du erinnerst dich an Pispers, an die vielen Skandale? Und stehst oft quer zum Mainstream? Du mochtest Nachdenkseiten? Und jetzt bist du bei Querdenken?

Dann denk auch quer zu denen, die sich selbst quer nennen.

Mit vielen deiner Problembeschreibungen magst du Recht haben, aber deine Analyse ist falsch: Wenn du bei Querdenkern mitläufst, bist du aktuell nicht Teil der Lösung, sondern Teil des Problems.

Noch kannst du zurück und Teil der Lösung werden. Mach das bitte. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYc7jwou5Iw

Achte darauf, dass deinem Zorn die Vernunft zur Seite steht.

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Nuhr verbreitet zynische Halbwahrheiten und Lügen

Draketo neu: Kommentare - Do, 10/14/2021 - 00:11

Wenn das nächste mal jemand über die Öffentlich Rechtlichen als inks redet: Da darf auch Nuhr reden. Konkret Nuhr im Ersten, vom 23.9.2021. Er ist sich sicher, dass wir weder das 1,5°C Ziel noch das 2°C Ziel erreichen werden. Tausende Forscher sagen, dass es erreichbar ist.

Über Indien redet er viel. Das angeblich keinen Klimaschutz will. Indien, das bei 3°C Erwärmung wahrscheinlich größtenteils unbewohnbar wird.

Er sagt, es hätte sich keine Partei dazu geäußert, wie wir mit dem Klimawandel umgehen, und dabei offensichtlich noch nichtmal die Wahlprogramme angeschaut — Stichworte "Bevölkerungsschutz krisenfest machen", "Unseren Wald retten" und "Klimaanpassung und mehr Natur in der Stadt" bei den Grünen.

Mein Fazit dazu ist, dass Nuhr inzwischen ideologisches rechts-zynisches Kaffeesatzlesen betreibt und sich scheinbar nichtmal die Zeit nimmt, seine eigenen Behauptungen zu googlen, bevor er sie auf der großen Bühne rausposaunt. Stattdessen verbreitet er den Fatalismus, der nötig ist, um seine düsteren Prophezeihungen zu erfüllen und so das Klima an die Wand zu fahren.

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Geht AfD-freundlich, Seriös und Grundgesetztreu gleichzeitig?

Draketo neu: Kommentare - Do, 10/14/2021 - 00:11

Dem Parabelritter wurde Einseitigkeit vorgeworfen. Er hätte gar keine seriösen AfD-freundlichen Quellen genutzt. Vielleicht aus gutem Grund:

  1. AfD-freundlich
  2. Seriös und
  3. Grundgesetztreu.

Zwei davon gehen gleichzeitig. Alles drei zusammen ist bei einer Partei, in der nachweislich Leute aus verfassungsfeindliche Strömungen in wichtigen Machtpositionen sind, eine kaum (oder nicht?) zu schaffende Kombination.

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