Dragon Cycle 1: Dragons Lament


What have those people done?
The Dragon lies there, in Her own blood.


What have those people done?
The Dragon lies there, in Her own blood.


They came in great hordes,
The Dragon lies there, in Her own blood.


They came in great hordes,
The Dragon fought, but not well enough.


She killed many hordes,
The Dragon fought, but not well enough.


She killed many hordes,
But at last, She lost to the flood.

Ah_ah_ah ... ah___

Dragon Cycle

The War of Dragons and Birth of the Dragonriders Sung and played at FilkCONtinental 2004.

No music yet - but someday I'll get that recording...

Gentoo live ebuild for Mercurial

We (nelchael and me) just finished a live ebuild for Mercurial which allows to conveniently track the main (mpm) repo of Mercurial in Gentoo.

To use the ebuild, just add

=dev-util/mercurial-9999 **  

to your package.keywords and emerge mercurial (again).


The bright meadows - this place should be safe for children.

Don't completely rely on something you don't control (SaaS)

in reply to You do know you can't rely on Gmail, right?

You're citing some of the reasons why I dislike SaaS, but there's one more:

Whenever I use a SaaS application, I trust someone whom I really can't reach, and I trust him without being able to exert any kind of control.

Anonymous code collaboration with Mercurial and Freenet

Anonymous DVCS in the Darknet.

There is a new Mercurial extension for interaction with Freenet called "infocalypse" (which should keep working after the information apocalypse).

It offers "fn-push" and "fn-pull" as an optimized way to store code in freenet: bundles are inserted and pulled one after the other. An index tells infocalypse in which order to pull the bundles. It makes using Mercurial in freenet far more efficient and convenient.

Also you can use it to publish collaborative anonymous websites like the freefaq and Technophob.

And it is a perfect fit for the workflow automatic trusted group of committers.

Otherwise it offers the same features as FreenetHG.


Mercurial is a distributed source control management tool.

Mercurial links:
- Mercurial Website.
- - Easy repository publishing.
- Hg Init - A very nice Mercurial tutorial for newcomers.

With it you can save snapshots of your work on documents and go back to these at all times.

Also you can easily collaborate with other people and use Mercurial to easily merge your work.

Howard-Taylor: A rising figure

A comment to The newspaper said it, so it must be true:

You already made the "I get paid for doing a free webcomic" rise, now next part is... ?

Some ideas:

Mercurial for two Programmers who are (mostly) new to SCM

Written in the Mercurial mailing list

Hi Bernard,

Am Dienstag 03 Februar 2009 20:19:14 schrieb ... ...:
> Most of the docs I can find seem to assume the reader is familiar with
> existing software developemnt tools and methodologies.
> This is not the case for me.

It wasn't for me either, and I can assure you that using Mercurial becomes
natural quite quickly.

Mercurial vs. Bazaar speedtest clone and log - update: 4 runs with different versions

Some folks in #mercurial @ just repeated the tests, so we have now a bit more stable data.

The evaluation shows the following:

  1. Initial clone: hg is about 4.4 times faster (about 2 min vs. 6 to 15 min)
  2. Repository sizes: the hg repo is about 1.92 smaller (~113M vs. 215M)
  3. Time for a full log: hg is about 2.36 times faster (~21s vs. ~50s)
  4. Time for annotating Misc/NEWS: hg is 1.5 times slower than bzr.
    Without the result from bzr-1.6.1 it is 2.6 times slower (~43s vs 17s).
  5. Integrity checking: hg is by several orders of magnitude faster than bzr which just took too long - everyone stopped it after varying time (30s to 17 min), because the output spoke of hours remaining, one had an integrity error. hg needed about 1 min.
  6. Local clone: hg is 11 times faster (39s vs. 7.14 min).
    Without the 1m15 result from the high disk load host it is 16 times faster (26s).
  7. Local clone with hot filesystem: hg is 14.9 times faster (26s vs. 6.5 min).
  8. Hot copy of just .bzr / .hg: The speeds are about equal, so the difference doesn't come from raw filesystem speed (2s).
  9. Additional Bazaar tests to check shared repository cloning performance (you only get this when you use a shared repository and only clone that shared repository): With shared repository and hardlinks bzr only needs about 5 seconds for cloning.

Mercurial vs. Bazaar speedtest clone and log - update: hg 1.1 vs. bzr 1.10

I repeatet my test with the provided Python 2.x repos from the DVCS PEP for Python to check the performance of Bazaar and Mercurial.

All these tests are done only once with some mostly constant load, so they don't qualify as scientific tests, but they give a good impression of the differences between Bazaar (bzr) and Mercurial (hg).

- Bazaar 1.10
- Mercurial 1.1

This comparision should be fair since Bazaar 1.10 is more recent, but Mercurial 1.1 is a major release.

Mercurial vs. Bazaar speedtest clone and log (unscientific)

I just did a test with the provided Python 2.x repos from the DVCS PEP for Python to check the performance of Bazaar and Mercurial.

(this is a slightly changed version of a mail posted to the mercurial list: )

All these tests are done only once with some mostly constant load, so they don't qualitfy as scientific tests, but they give a good impressing of the differences between Bazaar (bzr) and Mercurial (hg).

- Bazaar 1.5
- Mercurial 1.0.2

These are the ones which are marked as stable in my Gentoo tree (amd64).

(All this is) Gentoo for me

Gentoo for me Logo- Words and Music: Arne Babenhauserheide ( )

Listen to the song: ogg
This recording is part of the music podcast singing in the winds of time.

  I build my kernel and I strip it down,
  my programs only do what I need
  the tree is at my very core
  it's my whole world and it is my seed.

Happy Birthday to GNU - 25 years

Today is the 25th birthday of the GNU project - the very beginning of the free software community we are today.

This is my small, humble contribution for the birthday celebration.

Happy Birthday to GNU (ogg vorbis)

Happy Birthday to GNU,
Happy Birthday to GNU,
Happy Birthday not Unix,
Happy Birthday to GNU.

Naturally this recording is free licensed.

Pond-erosa Puff (OpenBSD)

I recently found the OpenBSD songs, and the artists say that they are part of OpenBSD, logically as well as license-wise. And OpenBSD is licensed under a three-clause BSD license which is GPL compatible - that means I can record and publish it here!

This is the OpenBSD 3.6 release song: Pond-erosa Puff, written about people who make something free and suddenly decide to go the unfree path.

Many thanks to all you OpenBSD guys!
Your license is a bit too weak for my taste, but damn, it's free - and your code is as good as your songs!

Audio-files: ogg | mp3

A simple solution to the dining philosophers problem

The problem

5 Philosophers do nothing but eat and think.

They have a table with 5 chairs, 5 plates and 5 forks.

Each of them eats with two forks.

Ensure that none of them starves.

The solution

First I teach them to always take the left fork first.

Then I smash one of their chairs.


ACTA - A trend to be reversed

A reply to a comment on slashdot named Can we fight the trend?:

There was a trend to having only proprietary software (by former free software being enslaved in the job contracts its creators took) and to having the hacker community die out.

That trend was reversed by GNU with the invention of the GPL and the GNU System.

And today millions of people use free software and we have organizations like the EFF and FSF who work for a free software society.

ACTA horror - what can we do?

a comment to: Embattled ACTA Negotiations Next Week In Geneva; US Sees Signing This Year:

I didn't yet manage to get really safe information on what ACTA actually does (that's a marker for 'this is dangerous' in itself), but what I see on wikileaks sounds horrible:

british telekom wants to block accounts just for using Gnutella or BitTorrent

-> a comment to BT to cut off file sharers from TechWatch.

I can read this article in two ways:
1) They took part in sharing/downloading that music file
2) They just had a bittorrent or Gnutella program running.

1 is unlikely, because not every fourth internet user will have downloaded that song.

And if 2 is the case, BT should be sued to its knees.

Having a Gnutella program is not illegal, and blocking access to Gnutella means vastly reduced service.

The danger of promoting dead closed clients

I had a strange feeling about people advertising the dead and closed source Gnutella client BearShare, but I only found one of the reasons for that gut feeling today.

Assumptions I use: We want Gnutella to continue to evolve and grow better.

To have Gnutella evolve, the developers of actively developed clients need feedback (and be it only encouragement).

On keeping emotions in check

-> An answer to a distro battle at linuxhumor. This is an example of a text which was hard for me to write in a calm tone. I think I mostly succeeded, but parts of the emotions on both sides still bleed through… take it as an example, how hard it is to stay calm in a heated situation - and how important.

Please keep your own language in check, and don't pull Stallman in here, when he isn't needed. He's got more important things to do than helping your argumentation.

Gary Gygax (1938-2008) - he made the world a better place

It's strange to think that Gary Gygax is gone, if only bodily.

Here at germany his creation is fighting a deadly battle with DSA (a german fantasy RPG which came out just after DnD and which raised me to be what I am today), and it's not quite sure which rules they use for that, but it's likely that DSA wouldn't have existed if it hadn't been for DnD setting an example.

And the many roleplaying worlds and systems which sprung into existence after DnD.

I owe many thanks to Gary Gygax, though I only begun playing DnD as one of my rounds about a year before his death.

Realistically Me (the square root)

-Melodie partly from "Swing low, sweet chariot"-

He looked over squares, and what did he see?
coming just for driving him mad,
The rational numbers didn't fit for me,
coming just for driving him mad.

He looked over pentagrams, and what did he see?
coming just for driving him mad,
There was funny looking a cousin of me,
coming just for driving him mad.

He told his pupils, all the world is a number,
coming just for driving him mad,
And one of them said: "this one makes me wonder"
coming just for driving him mad,

With Python from the Shadows

- Written by Draketo aka Arne Babenhauserheide, originally to the melody of Moonlight Shadow on 22.2.08 but switched on 2008-06-27 to be able to put a recording under free licenses -

Audio-files: ogg
This recording is part of the music podcast singing in the winds of time.

Some Python Programs of mine

heavily outdated page. See for many more projects…


I created some projects with pyglet and some tools to facilitate 2D
game development (for me), and I though you might be interested.

  • babglet: basic usage of pyglet for 2D games with optional collision
    detection and avoidance.
  • blob_swarm: a swarm of blobs with emerging swarm behaviour through only pair relations.
  • blob_battle: a duel-style battle between two blobs (basic graphics,
    control and movement done) royalties, question about free music

Written at:


I licensed all my works under free and open licenses which permit any kind of commercial copying and reuse, but which don't permit taking away rights from the listeners.

I'd like to upload the files to, but I can only do so, if I can be sure, that no additional restrictions will be placed on the users (no DRM). Else I would violate the license agreement.

These are the terms under which I work together with other artists, so there's no way around that.


Below you find some of my songs.

To see only songs which have a recording I deem "listenable", please check the



- they also feature a PodCast.

Happy listening!

Besides: If you speak german (or just happen to like it), you might enjoy some of my german songs.

Infinite Hands - singing a part of the history of free software (filk)

- Free Software version of "Finity's End"; original: {lyrics: CJ Cherryh, music: Leslie Fish}.
- filked by Draketo aka Arne Babenhauserheide ( (capo 3)


- please check the dedicated site: -



All content of these sites is under free licenses, except where explicitely noted otherwise.

This means you can use my works however you want (even commercially), as long as you allow and enable others (and me) the same with all the works you create from or using parts of my works, and say who created and modified the original works.
The works must stay under the same license(s).

To use them, you can (for example) just put this license text alongside them (i.e. as html page) and create a link pointing to it. Alternatively just put the following at a well-visible position on your creation:

Copyright [YEAR] [your name and other contributors] and [YEAR] Arne Babenhauserheide. Provided under free licenses, including GPLv2 or later, cc BY-SA, GNU FDL without invariant sections, Art Libre and the "Lizenz für Freie Inhalte". Details:

More exactly: My works can be used (depending on the type of content) under the following free licenses:

KDE and Gnome vs...

I'm a KDE user and quite excited about KDE 4, but I think the progress of Gnome is very promising, too.

Gnome and KDE both innovate, and both push limits, and both will learn from each other.

KDE learns from Gnome and uses the Telepathy definition.

Gnome learns from KDE and switches to WebKit which originates from khtml.

Both work together under the hood of

And both are moving ever faster to replace proprietary systems.

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