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Tanz mit der Schlange

Eine Earthdawn Kampagne: Chona, T’Skrang Schwertmeister, der Troll-Luftpirat Targ, der Windling-Heiler Quendan und die Windling-Tiermeisterin Sambucus Bingel haben sich auf einem Flussboot getroffen. Unser Weg beginnt mit der Suche nach Pilzen in einem Tempel im Dschungel.


Unhappy with code review tools: can’t we do better?

I’ve been unhappy with code review tools for a long time now. What I want to do:


Die Stärke der Demokratie

Demokratie ist das System, das Macht über Andere minimiert. Auch wenn sie manchmal frustrierend scheint und immer wieder korrumpiert wird: Demokratie ist das beste System, das möglich ist.


Sketchy Beats (game)

Spring Lisp Game Jam 2024 is running and Guile Hoot just released 0.4.1 with a game jam template enabling Scheme-games to run in modern browsers, so it’s time to try building a fun little Beat-em-Up.


Wähle Dein Schicksal

Achte auf Deine Gedanken,
sie werden Deine Worte,
werden Deine Taten,
werden Dein Charakter,
wird Dein selbstgewähltes Schicksal.


Depending on the group, roleplaying can be very, very different.

I played an addicted character who got deceived and misled by a bard who wanted to drag him into a terrorist uprising (and I reported him to the judicator after 24 hours of play — one of the hardest decisions I took in gaming groups).


Iterative Tinkering depends on API stability

Sacha Chua writes how she tinkers incrementally, finding time between tasks, asking “What's the smallest step I can take? What can I fit in 15-30 minutes?” — Choosing what to hack on. This approach improves the work environment step by step to become better than any other. In a similar way, I now ended up using exwm, and while not perfect, it just works better for me than all other systems.


EU STOA High level conference on “Protecting online privacy by enhancing IT security”, 2015

2015 I was part of an expert conference on online privacy by the EU parliament.¹ Many of the proposals made then are real today.


Emacs Org Clock Agenda Daytime Mode

A simple Emacs mode which shows the clocked time today in the modeline. It uses the time clocked in org-agenda-files. The main goal is to always see how much I already worked, so I see more easily whether it is time to stop.


Hyphanet: did it help people?

“what I'm really wondering is, if all the networks have really helped people over the years”


Leser:innenbriefe wirken

Ich dachte lange, wenn es auf einen Leser:innenbrief keine Antwort gibt, bewirkt er nichts. Dann gab es eine Sendung im DLF, in der sie indirekt sagten, dass sie die Ausrichtung wegen der vielen E-Mails von AfD’ern geändert haben.


woanders / elsewhere

(alle Einträge: external-rss — weitere auf meiner alten Seite, auf der ganz alten Seite, auf meinem GNU social, im Forum Tanelorn und auf rollenspiel.social).

[2024-07-19 Fr 22:19]

Volatile Infrastructure is worse than volatile applications

We cannot stand on the shoulders of giants if we constantly break old tools



[2024-07-19 Fr 10:51]

@glynmoody did you see this? (regarding already prepared legal challenging of the election if Biden should be replaced)



[2024-07-19 Fr 10:36]

USPOL, election, biden, scotus

"The #Republicans are already preparing legal challenges to any name change on ballots"

And the #SCOTUS would decide on those challenges.



If #Biden is replaced, the Trump-Stuffed Supreme Court will decide who wins the election.

EDIT: this is disputed, but there’s no reliable source yet. Please read the thread started from this toot.

#politics usa us election2024 election democrats legal law


[2024-07-19 Fr 10:13]

"Es ist ein Problem, dass daher kommt, dass die ganze Welt Microsoft 365 Cloud Services nutzt …"

Ich bleibe mal dabei ☺ https://youtu.be/hHUWdUrmUrk?t=52


[2024-07-19 Fr 08:30]

@daviwil for your #Emacs VC-mode check video, please have a look at committing from a pruned diff:


Also note that Emacs maintainers are discussing to make magit part of Emacs (they started with the required legal work, see the mailing lists).

#git mercurial



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